CQC KLOE Dashboard

You can track how
many of the criteria
you have completed

“You can see each update going onto the PIR, I love that. I also like that I can update things as I go.”

Paul Dacre, Manager, The DOVE Project

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Guidance and Evaluation

Spark medication page for safe KLOE for CQC PIR

Within each Key Line of Enquiry, you have a page for each aspect of your care home

Follow the CQC guidance to position the sliders

Output a PIR

Once you finish the assessment
you can output your completed PIR
at any time

The PIR wil be in the format
requested by CQC and ready
for you to transfer to the
CQC PIR portal

This can also be referenced
by the inspector as needed

This is your CQC PIR output preview

CQC Inspection Ready

Spark screens CQC inspection ready

Give the inspector a guest log in

Everything they need is in Spark

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