Incident Tracker with Auto Audit

Use Spark’s easy forms to record all types of incident

“I think I’m a good manager. I’m organised, never had any major incidents, the team are fab and all work really hard.
With so much paperwork, time with clients or staff was limited.
Now with Spark I can relax in the knowledge its all covered, including the monthly audit.”

Incident Forms

  • Simple forms

  • Minimal fields

  • Easy for reporting

  • Full audit history

1. To record a new incident click the ‘Add New’ button

2. The form will pop up in the screen

3. The form auto saves as you go

4. Complete the fields then click close

Spark Incident forms

Getting the most out of your data

Use as evidence for your CQC PIR and inspection

  • Track all kinds of incidents

    Doctors Visit, Patient Rights,  Accidents, Complaints, Safeguarding

  • See the summary of key figures

  • Click the filter button at the

    top of the page to get more detail

  • After investigation update

    the incident with an outcome

“Its helping to break down barriers to make sure data is recorded, it really helps that the system is user friendly and intuitive.”

Frankie Dee, Head of Quality and Compliance, St Luke’s

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